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Gob Squad, Revolution Now!

Gob Squad: Revolution Now!

24 Jun 201026 Jun 2010

The Gob Squad demand a Revolution. Now. The first steps have been taken: The theatre has been stormed and is now the revolutionaries HQ: Access to props, weapons, explosives and special effects secured; the box office has been occupied. All without bloodshed. So far...

Equipped with cameras, live links, big screens, wireless transmitters and long, long cables we'll be broadcasting the revolution out into the world. This revolution will be televised. Live. With the help of the audience as well as passers-by revolutionary moments are re-enacted in an attempt to write ourselves into history. Succeed or fail, the cameras keep rolling. We might lose the plot, we might have to rethink and recast, we might hopelessly disagree as to our ultimate goals. In the search for clarity we are faced with the same questions. Whose side are we on? What do we want and how far are we prepared to go? No stopping us now as Gob Squad dust off revolutions past from the archives of history and place them back in the present, right in the middle of our contemporary society.


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E.g., 14-08-2018