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A Girl, A Clown, A Blackboard: Trade Test Transmissions

25 Apr 2012

Bob Stanley of Saint Etienne is joined by Lucy Woodward and Johnny Trunk to discuss the development of test cards over the years, and the music that accompanied them. Formally known as the Trade Test Transmission Card, it typically filled television screens when the transmitter was active but no program was being broadcast. The name comes from the early days of television, when the television camera was left pointing at a physical card.

Musician, DJ and film producer Bob Stanley gave up a career as a music journalist to form the group Saint Etienne, creating some of the UK’s most significant dance and indie-pop sounds of the 90s. Their acclaimed film Finistère premiered at the ICA in 2002 and lead to further film projects and Bob curating film seasons at the Barbican. When not working with Saint Etienne, legendary record collector Bob also regularly DJs 60s and 70s pop and soul.

Lucy Woodward worked in the BBC's Television Recording Department from the mid 80s, and started a sideline business of archive videotape retrieval at this time. Since 1993 she has also worked on audio, and started to issue library and tesctcard music on her own Recur Records label (with Tony Currie) in 1998.

Johnny Trunk started Trunk Records in 1996 which has since become one of the world’s most reknown cult labels, issuing lost and unreleased film music, library music and esoteric recordings. He is one of the world's leading authorities on film, TV and library music.

Bob Stanley will DJ in the bar following the talk.


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