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Get Well Soon + Q&A

11 Aug 2017

Get Well Soon is a project/meditation based on a loose and frequently used phrase that indicates the hope of recovery. But if 'Hope is a Discipline', as Mariam Kaba writes, what are the methods of hope in a performance practice? Can resistance be choreographed? For In formation, which examines self-reflexivity as a mode of resistance, NIC shares an exercise in getting well soon. Get Well Soon is an interruption, a memorial, a wake, and a meditation on reparations. What does black diasporic collective healing look, feel and sound like? What are the historical examples of this longing? Followed by discussion and Q+A convened by Nana Adusei-Poku
NIC Kay is from the Bronx. Currently occupying several liminal spaces, they are a person who makes performances and creates/organizes performative spaces. They are obsessed with the act and process of moving the change of place, production of space, position, and the clarity/meaning gleaned from the shifting of perspective. NIC Kay is currently a 2017 Movement Research Artist-in-Residence Van Lier Fellow in New York City. 
Nana Adusei-Poku (PhD) is an independent scholar, writer and educator and guest lecturer in Media Arts and Master Fine Arts at the University of the Arts, Zurich. Nana’s work primarily centres around three themes: Cultural Shifts and how they articulate themselves through the intersections of Art, Politics and Popular Culture, Artistic productions from the Black Diasporas and Critical Pedagogy in relationship to Decolonial Aesthetics.


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