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Dancer in Nightclub, London, c.1985-89, courtesy Lindsay Wesker

Gallery Tour: Polly Brannan

16 Jul 2015

Join Polly Brannan on a gallery tour through the Shout Out! UK Pirate Radio in the 1980s display.

Polly Brannan’s practice focuses on human interaction within transient spaces. She occupies residential or corporate spaces that people might pass through on a daily basis without noticing, or spaces that act as an axis point between divergent communities.

Through creating participative interventions, Brannan’s work often employs an architectural interface such as a mobile unit that can be transformed into a stage for performance, a space to congregate, or simply a community notice board. Her mode of production is dialogue, registering a dialogue between people and place. For Brannan conversations are an informal method of exchange that the artist uses as a tool to develop her projects.

Polly Brannan is a curator of education programmes, artist and arts educator and is currently Education Curator at Liverpool Biennial. She has also produced projects at venues including: Camden Arts Centre, Serpentine Gallery, The Barbican, Tate Britain, City of London Festival and Frieze Art Fair, London; Lisbon Experimenta Festival, Nottingham Contemporary and Turner Contemporary, Margate. Polly was the Collaborations Curator at Studio Voltaire 2006-2009 and Education Curator at the Serpentine Gallery, 2011-13. She is co-founder of the network Avant Gardening, an arts and environment project which engages all sectors of the community with environmental and sustainability issues, she was also a member of public works 2005-2011, an artist and architect collective whose projects address how the public realm is shaped by its various users and how existing dynamics can inform further proposals. In 2011 Brannan was awarded a fellowship in Ethiopia through Gasworks Gallery/Triangle trust.


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