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Frownland, Dir Ronald Bronstein, 2007


9 Jul 201031 Jul 2010

"The indomitable spirit of the downtrodden New York micro-budget indie lives!" Time Out

First-time director Ronald Bronstein describes his debut feature as “a brown tomato lobbed with spazmo aim at the spotless surface of the silver screen.” Be forewarned: audience response has been intensely divided. Frownland has garnered passionate raves and scathing denunciation, while festival screenings have ended in screaming matches between patrons. Frownland is strong stuff, yes, but none of its notorious reputation does justice to its savage dark humor, emotional heft and stylistic audacity.

Above all else, Frownland is a pitch-black character study of Keith Sontag (Dore Mann), a neurotic, manipulative, stridently unlovable New Yorker whose pitiless roommate aptly describes him, to his face, as “a burbling troll in his underwear.” With the most basic elements of human communication a struggle, Keith lurches his way through an uncaring city, attempting to aid a suicidal friend, evict his unctuous roommate, and simply attain some measure of self-respect.

Dir Ronald Bronstein, US 2007, 106mins, recommended cert 18, 35mm


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