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Alasdair Gray, Night Street Self-Portrait, 1953, Courtesy Sorcha Dallas

frieze Videos: Our Glasgow

16 Apr 2014

frieze co-editor Jennifer Higgie introduces three recent frieze short videos for the first dedicated program at the ICA, Our Glasgow, Audience Appreciation, and The Impossible Image.

frieze began producing short form videos, in association with Pundersons Gardens, in 2012. Varying in format, frieze videos range from studio visits with artists to experimental presentations expanding the magazine’s feature articles to interesting overviews of art scenes in select cities around the world.

Co-editor Jennifer Higgie introduces three recent videos:

Our Glasgow

Over the past three decades, Glasgow has emerged as one of the UK’s most creative cities with a broad range of non-profit spaces, commercial galleries, internationally successful artists and a world-class art school.

On the occasion of Glasgow International, frieze has produced its most ambitious and first ever 30-minute video to document the community behind Glasgow’s art scene past, present and future. Our Glasgow includes interviews with Alasdair Gray, David Harding, artists Duncan Campbell and Laura Aldridge, gallerist Toby Webster and directors of non-profit spaces Tramway and Centre for Contemporary Art among others.

Our Glasgow premieres on the 12 April in Glasgow as part of the BBC’s Art Seen, a new festival dedicated to arts documentaries. This is the London premiere.

Audience Appreciation

frieze co-editor Dan Fox reflects on the subject of audiences; who are the audiences for artists, writers and curators? From the things we make as children, through to our creative lives as adults, this video essay presents a personal perspective on how we think about audiences as we grow older, and as our responsibilities evolve. 

Richard Mosse: The Impossible Image

Artist and photographer Richard Mosse reveals the stories behind the making of his latest film, The Enclave (2013), which was shown in the Irish Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale. Mosse’s work, which is nominated for the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize, is included in an exhibition at the Photographers’ Gallery and at The Vinyl Space at the Brewer Street Car Park in London.

Program running time is approx 45 minutes

Produced in association with Pundersons Gardens and presented in collaboration with ICA


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