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Courtesy Olivier Richon

Friday Salon: The Speaking Image - Discussing the Tensions Between the Verbal and the Visual

8 Nov 2013

This Friday Salon looks into how language apprehends the visual and how visual representations challenge articulated language. The speakers will question received notions of the visual and the verbal as separate entities, looking at a mutual dependency between language, vision and representation.

Jessica Potter - Charles' Hat
A stuttering description of Charles' Hat in the opening sequence of the novel Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert. An example of an exhausted image and the possibilities of description.

Edith Marie Pasquier - On Air Pumps, Bird Song and Pictures from a Biological Museum
How rare dialogue is: how surprising it makes us feel.  Let us not suppose it is easy or pleasant.  With person, with animal, with bird.  To feel the space and the air and a possibility of speaking is close to exhaustion. Maybe, it is only at the point when too much is at stake, when one's back is to the wall that the will is there to begin to speak.

Olivier Richon - The Absent Parrot
The repetition, copying and dissolution in reference to examples from photography and literature.

Jessica Potter is an artist who recently completed a PhD at the RCA on modes of depiction and description in literature and photography.

Edith Pasquier is currently completing a PhD on the Discourse of Photography, and is the recipient of an AHRC collaborative award studentship between the RCA and the V&A.

Olivier Richon is Professor of Photography at the RCA, where he also convenes the Image and Language research group. 

In association with the Image and Language Research Hub at the RCA.


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