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Courtesy Alice Brooke

Friday Salon: Re-Materialising Feminism

20 Jun 2014

The organisers of Re-Materialising Feminism invite four students with a background in art practice, history and theory to respond to the programme from the standpoint of their experience and research.

In the hope of fuelling what seems like a momentum in feminist politicisation, this event wants to hear from the post-crash student generation on the need and the difficulties of putting theory into practice and vice versa. The Salon will address a resurgence of interest in feminism and queer feminism in contemporary culture and the mass media, paying particular attention to the position of the university in the public arena. The focus will be on mapping the complex, and at times ambiguous, demands brought about by a considerable range of cultural practices that expose the exploitation of the female and queer subject – and even of feminism itself.

Participants include: Rebecca Davies (London College of Communication), Aimee Heinemann (Goldsmiths University), Kerri Jefferis (Middlesex University), Nasri Shah (University College London).


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E.g., 22-09-2018