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Yvonne Carmichael Retail Aesthetics, 38b, September 2013

Friday Salon: Making Room: Domestic Spaces as Exhibition Places

7 Nov 2014

This Friday Salon examines how artists and curators make use of their domestic space as a means to show their work among peers, in contrast with showing in established art galleries.
Artist led projects that use flats and intimate living space as exhibition spaces denote a resourceful way to establish a system of art production on their own terms, while becoming spaces for friendship, collaboration and participation. With 38b artists Eva Rowson, Luke Drozd and Tamsin Clark and artists Michael Lawton and William Edmonds. Chaired by curator Helen Kaplinsky.

38b is an occasional series of exhibitions and events programmed by Luke Drozd and Eva Rowson in their flat at 38b Peckham Rye. 38b began in 2010 with the intention of creating an affordable and accessible space for artists and curators to experiment and exhibit.

Eva Rowson is an artist and curator based in London. She completed a BA in Fine Art at the University of Leeds in 2007 and has recently finished as an Associate on the pilot year of Open School East, London. Prior to Open School East, she worked at Tate for five years in a variety of roles including fundraising, business planning and project management. She is a member of the art collective Black Dogs and co-runs Wish you'd been here, an investigative project led with artist Andrea Francke to investigate hosting and socialising as different ways to think about collaborative practices.

Luke Drozd is a UK based artist and illustrator who makes things in London. This includes sculptures, drawings, gig posters, art prints and more. He is for art that is odd and joyous and things that are the right side of wrong. Luke also works collaboratively with Black Dogs and as director of both T.H.I.S studios in Tottenham, London and the UK Poster Association (UKPA).

Tamsin Clark runs Furnished Space from her Camberwell flat

Michael Lawton is an artist and writer, born in Sheffield, he now lives and works in London. He studied Fine Art at Leeds Metropolitan University and Chelsea College of Art & Design and has just started a practice-based PhD at the University of Kent. His paintings are currently all the same size and he had a novel 'The Athlete' published for Kindle in 2013.

Helen Kaplinsky is an independent curator based in London. She has worked with a number of British public collections, including in a domestic context for the Arts Council Collection exhibition "British Modern Remade" at Park Hill Estate (2012). She is currently working on #temporararycustodians, an R&D project considering how the shift towards a share economy will transform our institutional collection and philanthropy model.

Ross Jardine is an artist that lives and works in London. He uses a research-based approach to examine the relationship between landscape and individual/collective action. Recent exhibitions include: Heritage is a Bogus History, And/Or Gallery; Platform: In the Making, Site Gallery; and Les Télévisions, French Riviera Gallery.

(South) West Coast Shandy cocktails provided after the discussion by artist William Edmonds. SomeWow is the ceramics collection and occasional cocktail performance of Edmonds, exploring the place where functionality meets flippancy and throwing pots as drawing.


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