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Friday Salon: Lifting the Curtain - On Audience and Authorship

25 Oct 2013

In the 21st century audiences increasingly find themselves in a situation where their input is indispensible to the inner structure of the artwork. Their involvement is anticipated in different degrees. The works of Tim Crouch or Tino Sehgal may simply intrigue or provoke the audience to think and therefore fill in the semantic gaps created by the piece itself. On the other hand, You Me Bum Bum Train for example, placed the audience in the position of the protagonist. Somewhere in the middle are the works of Ontroerend Goed which engage the audience in an interaction. Some of these works have already been considered through the lens of interactivity, ethics and participation. Extending some of the ideas introduced in Duska Radosavljevic’s 2013 title Theatre-Making: Interplay Between Text and Performance in the 21st century and the AHRC network project on Porous Dramaturgies (led by Cathy Turner and Duska Radosavljevic), we propose to consider these works from the point of view of the changing role of the author and the changing role of the audience in the 21st century.

Following on from the success of the public engagement series of research events at the University of Kent ‘Lifting the Curtain’, this two part event focusing on Audience and Authorship is intended to bring together academics, artists and audiences to explore this new trend in a discursive and interactive way. The day will have a particular focus on a younger generation of researchers, theatre makers and artists – foregrounding the work of PhD students, their supervisors and young companies emerging from the School of Arts, such as Accidental Collective. As it takes place in London, the event will also serve to facilitate an encounter between the University of Kent School of Arts research and practice and other leading researchers and artists in the field who will be invited to share the platform. In doing so, this event will serve as an opportunity to ‘take the pulse’ of these most current practices. The event will also incorporate an edition of The Argument Room led by Chris Johnston and facilitated by Rideout which will take the theme into a combative dialogue shared online with the wider world.

The event is co-facilitated by performance company Accidental Collective, Chris Johnston (Argument Room/Rideout) and Duska Radosavljevic (University of Kent).


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E.g., 22-09-2018