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Friday Salon: Frenzy

9 Nov 2012

Join us in a romp through the cultural history of frenzy with members of the London Consortium. Led by Andrew Hewish (C4RD), with presentations by Rebecca Wright on ecological frenzy, Lauren Sapikowski on death, Max Goldman on techno-frenzy and Andrea Vesentini on architecture.

From Ludovico Ariosto to Laurence Sterne, Sophocles to Georges Bataille, Alfred Hitchcock to Bret Easton Ellis, frenzy nestles firmly in our historical memory and cultural forms. In this salon we attempt to puzzle through the organisation, contingency, regulation and spatialisation of frenzy and discuss what of its tropology circulates around our reception of Bjarne Melgaard's A House to Die In.

In collaboration with the London Consortium


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E.g., 15-06-2019