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Fresh Wave Presents a Hong Kong Young Filmmakers Shorts Programme

14 Mar 2013

One of Asia’s most prestigious short film festivals, Hong Kong’s Fresh Wave showcases the best of the continent’s developing filmmakers every December. Here they present their winning shorts as part of the Pan Asia Film Festival, followed by an interactive discussion and Q&A with the filmmakers.

The Little One (dir. Tam Wai-ching, 28 mins)
A withdrawn boy and his rebellious stepsister fall in love and lust in the shadow of their abusive father. A tale of angst-ridden teenage yearnings for freedom that results in hurt, damage and blood.

Flowers with Aphasia (dir. Li Sum-yiet, 29 mins)
A florist consumed by grief forms an unlikely friendship with a young visitor to his shop, releasing bottled up emotions. Fresh Wave Best Film, 2012

Oh Sleepless Roads, The Sleepless Goes (dir. Isabella Candice Lam, 20 mins)
A late-night minivan driver witnesses a crime and chases a robber. A bloody fistfight ensues, but the police prove less than understanding, leaving him wondering if it pays to be a good citizen.

Dong (dir. Li Yushang, 23 mins)
Two promising 12 year old Beijing opera students, Dong ('winter') and Nuannuan ('warmth') practice for a performance in Beijing. But Dong is longing for his dead mother, and holds a nameless affection for Nuannuan's aunt. The train is soon to leave for Beijing, but will Dong make the journey? Fresh Wave Best Student Film, 2012


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