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Richard Heslop, Frank, 2012

Frank + Floating

1 Sep 2013

Director Richard Heslop introduces his debut feature film Frank, preceded by his award winning short film Floating.

Dir. Richard Heslop, 2012, 94 mins

Living a lonely existence in a run-down boarding house in the North East of England, Frank finds his own idiosyncratic ways to cope with everyday life. When Frank meets fellow lodger Sasha, a tender friendship begins, and she becomes the map reader of Frank's emotionally splintering life. Finding solace in the dystopian wastelands and beaches surrounding his home, Frank one day discovers Fidel, takes him home and eagerly tries to befriend him.

Unfortunately Fidel reveals himself to be an unpleasant houseguest. When Frank encounters Polly – a jilted and morbidly depressed young bride – he becomes besotted in an instant, attempting to build a happy and loving home for them both. But as his new-found friends develop an intimate bond of their own, he is left as an outsider in his own home with his life spiralling out of control once again.

Frank is the first feature film from Richard Heslop, who is known for his classic music videos for Queen, The Cure, The Happy Mondays, and New Order, and was cameraman on Derek Jarman's The Garden and The Last of England.

Dir. Richard Heslop, 1991, 39 mins

A Docklands bus driver on the verge of a nervous breakdown, starts to have visions of a second "Great Flood". He finally destroys his house in order to build an ark in his living room. This film was awarded 'Best Short Film' in the Semaine de la Critique at the Cannes Film Festival in 1992. 

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