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Frames of Representation: A Night With Radio Atlas

28 Apr 2017

Radio Atlas is a platform for subtitled audiodocumentaries, dramas and works of sound artmade in languages you don’t necessarily speak. This event screens work which explores what falls through the cracks within language. In Writer, Katharina Smets enters a room as a reporter but finds her words floating free of their meaning, drawing her deeper into danger; a repeated refrain from The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock begins to embody the tension in the room: "That is not what I meant at all". In My Share of the Sky, Sheida Jahanbin and Rikke Houd offer an audio language which cracks and fragments. English, Farsi and Norwegian jaggedly interrupt each other, artfully dizzying the listener. We feel the disorientation of Jahanbin as she is forced to move from Iran to Norway in search of a new home, a new language, a new self lost in translations.

Frames of Representation 2017 Film Festival Trailer /// ICA

Frames of Representation (FoR): New Visions for Documentary Cinema 2017 is presented in academic partnership with CHASE (Consortium for the Arts and Humanities South-East England)

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