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FOMO: Oleksiy Radynski, Women Inc. Lexicon

30 May 2015

Oleksiy Radynski presents on his films documenting the Ukrainian war, including a screening of his new work People Who Came To Power (in collaboration with Tomas Rafa), 2015. A Kiev-based writer and filmmaker, Radynski has been an editor of the Ukrainian edition of Political Critique magazine since 2011. He is also a participant of the Visual Culture Research Centre, an initiative for art, knowledge and politics founded in Kiev in 2008.

The Q&A for Oleksiy Radynski is led by Daniel Trilling

FOMO Day 2: Oleksiy Radynski

Women Inc. is a new working group of artists, writers, curators, and academics founded to create responses to feminist issues in art and culture.

Women Inc.’s first project is a collaboratively written lexicon of neologisms, inspired in part by the work of, and in collaboration with, Hito Steyerl. As part of FOMO, readers Karen Archey, Jamie Sterns, Linda Stupart, and Zoe Whitley perform a second iteration of The Lexicon. The first was originally presented at Artists Space, New York (April 2015), in conjunction with Steyerl’s survey exhibition.

The Lexicon is a dictionary coining new words for a new age, one marked by advances in omnipresent technology and mass surveillance, a changing climate of arts funding (a privatisation of art, culture, and education), as well as a continued struggle with intersectional issues related to race, gender, and sexuality. Far from a practical handbook, the Women Inc. Lexicon is both playful and incisive.

FOMO Day 2: Women Inc. Lexicon

Active since Winter 2015, Women Inc. acts as a flexible framework for collaborative projects representing feminist perspectives. The name Women Inc. implies its members’ ‘incorporation’ as an entity greater than individual selves, bringing together diverse voices and perspectives, while parodying corporate ‘Lean In’ feminism. The Lexicon is thus far written by Morehshin Allahyari, Karen Archey, Jen Chan, Kimberly Drew, Tess Edmonson, Ann Hirsch, Jamillah James, Dana Kopel, Jessica Langley, Sofia Leiby, Seung Min Lee, Eva Munz, Sunita Prasad, Abbe Schriber, Jamie Sterns, Hito Steyerl, Astria Suparak, Rachel Wetzler, and Chloe Wyma.

Sample term from the Women Inc. Lexicon:

Noun: The moment when an underknown woman artist who has been active for decades finally achieves mainstream recognition in the art world. 
Usage: “Have you seen Lynn Hershman Leeson’s shows at ZKM or Bridget Donahue? She really pulled a Bontecoup."

Each FOMO session concludes with an audience Q&A led by an invited respondent.

Oleksiy Radynski's Incident in the Museum

Incident in the Museum

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