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Five Easy Pieces, Dir Bob Rafelson, 197

Five Easy Pieces + Introduction by James Franco

1 Jul 2012

Nominated for the Best Picture, Screenplay and Actor Academy Awards in 1970, this freewheeling US road movie provides a moving, sensitive character study of aimless drifter Robert Dupea - Jack Nicholson’s first major lead, a role which launched him into the major league of prestige Hollywood actors.

Dupea, a once-promising child prodigy pianist from a wealthy background, works in a Californian oilfield; his days spent working, his nights drinking, bowling and hanging out with his waitress girlfriend Rayette (Karen Black). But when his sister informs him that his father is gravely ill, Dupea sets out on a journey to his family home, Rayette in tow, and revisits a past and background he has long since turned his back on.

Freewheeling, frank and quietly moving, Five Easy Pieces is a modern American classic, specially chosen and introduced by our guest James Franco.

Five Easy Pieces, dir Bob Rafelson, USA 1970, 98 mins


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