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The First Movie plus Mark Cousins Q&A

14 Dec 2009

"This is a terrifically enjoyable and engaging film: open-minded and open-hearted, and utterly unlike the material on regular commercial release." The Guardian - Peter Bradshaw

We see Iraqi kids regularly in our media. Nearly always as part of the war, its victims, its adjuncts. But what about their imaginative lives? Taking inspiration from Night of the Hunter, Northern Irish Mark Cousins went to a small village in the Kurdish North, took a projector, some great movies and 3 small cameras to give to kids. The resulting film is about war but also about not-war: We hear of a fish called Bery who lives in a magical palace, and about a cow that farts. A child combs a dove’s feathers in the gloaming and we meet a boy who “gives his dreams to the mud”.

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dir Mark cousins, UK/Iraq, 76 mins, cert 15


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