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Still: Gnaw

Film4's FrightFest: The Non-Stop Shock!

1 Nov 2008

FrightFest returns to the ICA for the third year with another extravaganza of horror and fantasy previews. This year we have an all-day, all-night marathon, running from Saturday afternoon to daybreak on Sunday. There'll be world premieres, sneak peeks and surprises galore: plenty of reasons to stay awake - and stay scared! - all packed into one delirious weekend of wild cinema.

Running order

2:00pm Gnaw
Gregory Mandry's cannibal shocker.

4:05pm Hush
A road trip to hell, directed by home grown talent Mark Tonderai.

6:30pm Clive Barker's Book of Blood
John Harrison's adaptation of best-selling author Clive Barker's tale of a paranormal house of horror.

8:30pm Surprise Film
You will be the first audience in the world to see the brand new horror from one of our favourite past FrightFest guests of honour. Start guessing now.

11:30pm Quiz
A Family Fortunes style quiz, devilishly devised by best selling author Christopher Fowler and Paul McEvoy. Two teams captained by Alan Jones and Evrim Ersoy will battle it out on stage, with the winners walking off with some great prizes.

12:30am Escape From New York
Our retro title for the evening. Horror legend Neil Marshall will introduce a spanking new HD copy of the Carpenter classic.

2:40am My Name is Bruce
Ash-meets-reality featuring B-movie legend Bruce Campbell.

4:30am Splinter
Toby Wilkins' first feature about three people trapped in a remote petrol station under attack from a deadly parasite.

6:25am Pig Hunt
UK premiere of director James Isaac's (Jason X) monster survival tale.


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