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Sibs Shongwe-La Mer, Necktie Youth, 2015

Film Africa: Necktie Youth

5 Nov 2015

On the anniversary of the violent Soweto Youth Uprising of June 16 1976, an affluent group of Johannesburg youths are shocked by the live-streamed suicide of one of their friends. A year later and the aftershocks of the tragedy event are still evident. In this first feature from 23-year-old Shongwe-La Mer, the director plays Jabz, a directionless youth who passes the time rummaging through the city’s sleepy manicured northern suburbs with his buddy September, in search of drugs, distraction and salvation.

Beautifully and starkly shot in black and white, this revealing exploration of the generation born after the fall of Apartheid presents a side of South Africa not often seen. Winner of the Best South African Film and Best Director at Durban International Film Festival, Shongwe-La Mer is one to watch.

Necktie Youth, dir. Sibs Shongwe-La Mer, Netherlands/South Africa, 2015, 91 mins., Afrikaans/English/Zulu with English subtitles.



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