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fig-2 6/50 - Young In Hong 'In Her Dream'

12 Feb 2015

Doors will open at 18.45. Please ensure you arrive on time as the performance will begin promptly at 7pm. Latecomers may not be admitted until a suitable point. 

The performance will be followed by a Q&A with fig-2 curator Fatoş Üstek and Young In Hong. 

On a dark evening, Ann (26, a night worker), Una (22, a jobseeker and a single mum), Jin (31, job unknown) and Elvire (26, a migrant worker, nanny) are having a dinner party. It is not clear whether this is a dream or a real setting. As the party progresses, Ann, Una and Elvire become increasingly drunk and start behaving wildly. They intimidate Jin who finds herself isolated and unable to communicate with the others. She slips away in the middle of the dinner, finding herself left out, starts to talk to herself. This is how her secret starts to unfold. 

Hong's In Her Dream is a production of drama, tension and exuberance with a Baroque aesthetic, in the frame of Korean ethnicity and folkloric tradition. Hong’s take on shamanism, Korean Shamanistic production of ritual and exhilaration coalesced with the expression of unjust behaviourism in a repressively built society, focuses on the production of women's position within.

Hong's detailed study of induced violence and isolation in the everyday lives of women from various countries of affiliation comes forth in the form of a work of art. Four dancers, and two musicians activate the space of the performance that concentrates on two stages of being, among a community and in confinement. The choreography, built on extensive research on archival imagery of social change is brought to light by sounds and movement only.

The confluence of baroque aesthetics with Korean Shaman music find form in In Her Dream, inviting the audience to a journey of broken words, uncanny encounters of a tainted narrative.

Young In Hong is a prolific artist working with a variety of media from embroidery works to installation, photography to performance. Her new commission for fig-2, in collaboration with Delfina Foundation and Korean Cultural Centre, London takes place at the ICA Studio and ICA Theatre. Hong's piece will be the first of four commissions that will activate the ICA Theatre, where the performance will then feed back to the installation at the ICA Studio.


  • Zosia Jagodzinska, Cello

  • Jeung-Hyun Choi, Korean Drum & Vocal 

  • Sarah Louise Kristiansen, Choreography 

  • Eleanor Sikorski, Choreography, Dance & Vocal 

  • Anuschka Socher, Dance  

  • Aimee Bevan, Dance

  • Ughetta Pratesi, Dance

Costume fittings by London Fitting Rooms. Film by Smithson Images, Director William Smith, cameramen Ben Williams and Johnny Adair. Furniture fabrication by Goldfinger Factory. With thanks to Hye Eun Kim and Nagyum Han.


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