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Courtesy Josh Wright and Guillaume Vandame, 2015

fig-2 38/50: Josh Wright & Guillaume Vandame: Salon Session with Josh Wright & Guillaume Vandame, mediated by Fatos Ustek and Yves Blais

27 Sep 2015

To conclude the ambitious week of activities and live events, Josh Wright & Guillaume Vandame will be speaking in conversation with fig-2's Fatos Ustek and Yves Blais.

The Salon Session will focus primarily on key themes of the exhibition including the body as a tool for making art, the objectification and commodification of the body, gender, sexuality and issues of representation. The discussion will also highlight more of the process and challenges of organising the weeklong exhibition from its beginnings to fruition.

Following the Salon Session, please join the curators and artists for an exclusive, last chance tour of the exhibition.


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E.g., 01-08-2021