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Courtesy of the artist and Waterside Contemporary, London

fig-2 27/50: Workshop of Ideas, with Karen Mirza and Fatos Ustek

12 Jul 2015

Neoliberalism is in the first instance a theory of political economic practices that proposes that human well-being can best be advanced by liberating individual entrepreneurial freedoms and skills within an institutional framework characterised by strong private property rights, free markets, and free trade.

Karen Mirza's solo exhibition at fig-2 entitled The Ectoplasm of Neoliberalism occupy the premises as a site of manifestation, in order to bring together, and to bring about, communal knowledge on the thought-form of political ectoplasm, drawing on soft and hard sciences, literature, philosophy, politics and body practices.

The exhibition cultivates a series of non-visible and public conversations, charged by intention, mediation and process. On Sunday afternoon, artist Karen Mirza will put forward collection of ideas that have emerged through her conversations with co-investigators Alice Knowles, Zach Blas, China Miéville, Siri Sadana Kaur, Darby Costello, Sim Elif Kaplan at the closing event of her solo exhibition. In dialogue with Fatos Ustek, the audience will be invited to evaluate the materials and think collectively whilst placing these fragments into discourse around the ectoplasm of neoliberalism.


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E.g., 03-08-2021