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From the ongoing photo collection ‘Theatrum  Orbis Terrarum,’ Marjolijn Dijkman (2005-2015)

fig- 2 22/50: Concepts of Time: Future (Platform for Climate Affairs)

2 Jun 2015

With Ifor Duncan (Goldsmiths) and Tom Trevatt (Goldsmiths).

For those on the political left, May 2015 will mark the moment when a viable and popular alternative to the prevailing conditions must be forcefully constructed. This sedimentation process begins with the production of new forms of living that are both legitimate and desirable to the general public, not to mention sustainable and scalable.

This consultation meeting is the first opportunity to discuss how we can construct the type of society we want to live in, and what tactics and strategies must be used in this ongoing project. Invited speakers will engage with normative questions of the future, offering possible solutions, but the important work must be done collectively through consultation and discussion.

This is an open forum for discussion, with the aim to contribute to the ideological aims of the Platform for Climate Affairs. We will discuss the conceptual tools required for such a project and at the same time practical proposals.


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E.g., 03-08-2021