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Image: Studies in Leadership - The Golden Voice

Fia Backström

25 May 200931 May 2009

Agency and the construction of subjectivity are explored in the work of Fia Backström, who plays with modes of political, corporate and pedagogical address. For her residency at the ICA Backström is continuing a series entitled Studies in Leadership. The latest instalment, The Golden Voice, addresses language as a motivational tool, excavating the tropes and tricks of public speaking. The residency will feature a series of presentations and screenings set in a staged environment. The meetings will provide the random building blocks for an end product of persuasive delivery.

The following events will form part of Backström's residency and are open to the public to attend:

Fia Backström and Loretta Napoleoni

26 May, 2pm, Upper Gallery
Political and economic theorist Loretta Napoleoni will join Backström to discuss the themes of her residency.


Fia Backström and Alan Woodhouse
28 May, 2pm, Upper Gallery
Voice and acting coach Alan Woodhouse will lead an investigation into how we can control our voices, and improve our speech making abilities.

Sea Oak
29 May, 12 pm, Upper Gallery
Throughout the day, Backström presents and discusses Sea Oak, a 16mm film by Emily Wardill that deals with ideas around contemporary political rhetoric, and the use of language by right-wing groups to co-opt progressive ideas.

Golden Voice
31 May, 2pm, Upper Gallery
As the culmination of her residency Backström will work with a 'golden voice', to perform and project some of the ideas developed over the course of the week.


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