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F*ck For Forest, Michał Marczak, 2012

F*ck For Forest

19 Apr 201325 Apr 2013

"Exposes the ethical and moral jungle of modern society" The Guardian
"A fascinating, timely film." Time Out Film 

As its name brazenly states, Norway’s F*ck For Forest group is devoted to saving the rainforests by the somewhat unconventional means of producing porn films. Founded in 2004 by Leona Johansson and Tommy Hol Ellingsen, FFF has also courted controversy with public sex acts and nudity – including in an Oslo courtroom, which led to the NGO’s relocating to the more tolerant Berlin.

Marczak’s raw-knuckled documentary follows the induction of FFF newcomer Danny, which includes taking direct action in Brazil, despite the scepticism of the Amazon’s beleaguered indigenous people. A somewhat disturbed individual before he signed up, Danny eventually becomes disenchanted, just as the group itself appears to be disintegrating. Nonetheless, this fascinating and often humorous film includes much nudity, copious dope-smoking, a little copulation, and lots of clearly heartfelt proselytising from Leona, Tommy and other FFF members.

Dir. Michał Marczak, Poland 2012, 90 mins, cert. 18


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