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Still: Face Addict

Face Addict

19 Aug 20087 Sep 2008

A fascinating trip back in time to Downtown Manhattan in the 70s, as lived first-hand by photographer Edo Bertoglio. Adopted by Andy Warhol, Bertoglio became the man responsible for immortalising the scene's supercool stars in the pages of the Factory house magazine Interview, including the likes of Basquiat and Debbie Harry. Having lost his exalted position following a destructive drug addiction, Bertoglio returns here to his former haunts to offer a unique insider's perspective on the faces, lives and work that continue to resonate even now.

Released by Blue Dolphin.

The screening on Tue 19 August will be followed by a discussion with director Edo Bertoglio. 

Dir Edo Bertoglio, Italy/Switzerland/US 2005, 102 mins, some subtitles


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E.g., 22-09-2018