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Joanna Hogg, Exhibition, 2013


25 Apr 201415 Jul 2014

'a brilliantly austere and intimate portrait of a marriage' ★★★★★
- The Times
'Exhibition is challenging, sensual, brilliant film-making' ★★★★★
- Peter Bradshaw, Guardian

'cements Hogg's place at the forefront of British cinema' ★★★★
- Robbie Collin, The Telegraph

One of the most distinctive voices in the recent wave of superb British female directors, Joanna Hogg (Archipelago) specialises in placing the middle-class psyche under a microscope.

Director Conversation - Thu 1 May, 8.15pm
Joanna Hogg will be in conversation with Henry Bond, following the 8.15pm screening of Exhibition on Thursday 1 May.

Exhibition focuses on artist couple H (Liam Gillick) and D (Viv Albertine, formerly of legendary punk band The Slits), whose decision to sell their elaborate London home provides a lens onto the workings of their long and complicated relationship. Shot in Hogg’s characteristic sustained, wide takes, and acted with astonishing candour, this is a profoundly engaging exercise in intellectual second-guessing as the characters keep their emotions all but completely in check. It’s also a stylish take on the single-location drama, in which the framing and editing match the architectural minimalism of a house full of clues to its inhabitants’ inner lives. 

We spoke to Liam Gillick about the film for the ICA Blog, read it here →

Henry Bond is a writer and photographer; he is senior lecturer in photography at Kingston University; his exploration of Lacanian theory "Lacan at the Scene" was published, with a foreword by Slavoj Žižek, by the MIT Press in 2009.

Exhibition, dir Joanna Hogg, UK 2013, 105 mins, cert 15

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