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An Evening with Doug Fishbone: A Very Special Friday the 13th

13 Jul 2007

Who said contemporary art wasn’t funny? Stand-up conceptual artist Doug Fishbone delivers his curious blend of PowerPoint corporate presentation, terrible puns, visual nasties and after-dinner wit, in a lecture that touches on everything from George Bush and the BNP to deep-sea fish and monkeys smoking cigarettes. Conspiracy theories, bizarre philosophical musings, tasteless internet porn and even the occasional poem – you name it, it's in there. For anyone who ever had any questions about anything. Fishbone was selected for the British Art Show 6, was recently named by ArtReview as one of the 'Future Greats', and won the Student Prize for Film and Video as part of Beck’s Futures, 2004.

This talk contains adult material. 

An Evening with Doug Fishbone


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