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Still: Eraserhead

Eraserhead: Restored

12 Sep 200825 Sep 2008

David Lynch's debut has been spruced up by the director himself, with the mysterious black-and-white images and dense soundscapes more vivid and detailed than ever before. In the three decades since it first appeared as an instant midnight-movie classic, this feverish nightmare has never been surpassed for surreal shock value. The late Jack Nance plays Henry, an awkward young man with a curious vertical shock of hair, who finds himself father to a mewling, deformed baby and increasingly drawn to the singing lady who lives in his radiator. That's barely scratching the surface of this beautiful and disturbing poetic vision that's going back where it belongs: on the big-screen and branded upon your brain.

Dir David Lynch, US 1977, 89 mins, Cert 18


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E.g., 22-09-2018