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Walk in my Shoes..., Dir Fionna Smyth, 2011

Equals on Film: Oxfam Gala Screening

13 Mar 2011

Marking 100 years of International Women's Day, this special programme celebrates and documents the lives, struggles and achievements of women around the world.
From the Congo to Afghanistan, from Ghana to Bangladesh, the films look at how climate change, healthcare, natural disasters and conflict affect the lives of women – and the ways women are finding to overcome them.

For the co-programmed selection, Oxfam presents Walk in my shoes..., a film following last year's Congolese women's march against sexual violence; special previews of forthcoming films about girls' education and women prisoners in Afghanistan; model and Vogue columnist Laura Bailey's reportage on maternal health in Ghana and Liberia; and accounts of how women are dealing with the challenges of climate change. Birds Eye View contributes Buriganga, Michelle Coomber's study of migrants and fishermen along Bangladesh's Dhaka River; and Nina Sabani's animated documentary The Stiches Speak, tracing stories of displacement along the Indian-Pakistani border through the personal journeys of the Kutch artisans.

Running order

Walk in my Shoes...
Dir Fionna Smyth, UK 2011, 12 mins
In October 2010, 20,000 women and men from 41 countries marched in Eastern Congo for peace, socio-economic change and an end to the use of rape as a weapon of war.

Nazifa's Story
Dir Clementine Malpas, Afghanistan 2011, 3 mins
In Balkh, Afghanistan, a girl speaks about the need for education to escape poverty.

In-Justice: A Story of Afghan Women in Jail
Dir Clementine Malpas, Afghanistan, trailer, 3 mins
Documentary sneak preview about Afghan women prisoners.

Laura Bailey: Maternal Health in Ghana and Liberia
Oxfam, UK 2011, 12 mins
Oxfam reportage compares maternal health access and maternal mortality in Ghana and Liberia.

Mamtaz's Story: the Fight for Climate Justice in the Bay of Bengal
Dir Amy Vitale, UK 2011, 5 mins
Women from the Barguna fishing village use a November 2010 shadow climate tribunal to seek government accountability for environmental damage.

Dir Michelle Coomber, UK 2010, 12 mins
Rising pollution threatens livelihoods on Bangladesh's Buriganga River.

The Stiches Speak
Dir Nina Sabnani, India 2010, 12 mins
Personal stories of Kutch artisans on the Indian-Pakistani border in this textile animation.


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