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At The End Of It All (Abosheshey) dir: Aditi Roy

At The End Of It All (Abosheshey)

27 Jun 2012

Aditi Roy’s stunning debut feature is a gripping journey of a young man in search of his identity. Soumya (Khanna), returns from San Francisco to Kolkata, the city of his birth at the behest of his estranged mother, the enigmatic and vivacious Suchismita (Ganguly). What should have been a quick journey turns into a voyage of self-discovery and an exploration of the great metropolis that is Kolkata, a living, breathing character in the film. In the ravishing Nandini (Sen), Suchismita’s protégé, Soumya finds answers to his past and perhaps the future. The film has won the NETPAC award for Best Asian Film. And Ganguly revealed a new string to her bow, singing Tagore standards, for which she won India’s National Award for Best Female Playback Singer.

Dir: Aditi Roy. India, Bengali with English subtitles, 118 mins.
Cast: Roopa Ganguly, Ankur Khanna, Raima Sen


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