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Óscar Aibar, El Bosc, 2012

El Bosc (The Forest) + Q&A

27 Jun 2014

Aliens may seem an odd companion to anarchists and the International Brigades in a film about the Spanish civil war; however, director Oscar Aibar mixes several genres with the dexterity of the best cocktail maker. Whilst the film has been compared to Pan's Labyrinth, closer influences can be found from cult TV series The Twilight Zone. Even so, the film remains firmly grounded in 1930s Spain and the factional fighting for territory. Check out Tom Sizemore's role, one of his best in the recent years.

The screening is followed by a Q&A with Professor Paul Preston.

The Forest (El Bosc)

El Bosc, dir. Óscar Aibar, Spain 2012, 92 mins

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