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Margaret Salmon, Eglantine, 2016

Eglantine + Q&A with Margaret Salmon

5 Nov 2016

This screening is suitable for children and will be followed by a Q&A with the film’s director Margaret Salmon led by the author Jonathan Burt.

Eglantine is the debut feature from acclaimed artist and filmmaker Margaret Salmon. It is an avant-garde children’s film and nature study, following a girl and her encounters in the woods over one night, having lost her way from her family campsite. Eglantine, our 8-year-old heroine, must navigate a range of real and imagined incidents and habitats on her journey back to her tent, before her mother discovers her absence.

An intimate, vivid tracing of a young girl's real and fantastical adventure, the film is realised with an intuitive, improvised approach to performance, camera and sound. Eglantine is an image-driven love poem to the particular qualities and inhabitants of the natural world and to the imaginative, inventive, brave and determined character of the Universal Child.

Eglantine, dir. Margaret Salmon, Scotland 2016.


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