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7 Sep 2012

Sarah Turner's major feature-length film is emotionally compelling as well as highly innovative in its use of new forms of media through which she presents the sounds and images, the words spoken and unspoken, of family trauma.
 Jean Genet described the family as the most destructive cell. Sarah Turner's look at the unsettling side of families takes the themes of destruction and renewal as metaphors in her visually compelling new feature Ecology.

Located somewhere between meditation and dream, Ecology is a film in three parts that fuses an exploration of narrative with Turner's dedication to formal experimentation. Three characters - mother, daughter and son - tell three different stories about the same violent incident recalled as inner monologues, while on holiday at an eco-retreat in Majorca. Shot on location in Spain and England using multiple camera formats, Ecology is a film of emotional complexity and haunting beauty.

Dir. Sarah Turner, UK 2007, 97 mins.


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