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Thorsten Schütte, Eat That Question: Frank Zappa In His Own Words, 2016

Eat That Question: Frank Zappa In His Own Words

2 Dec 20168 Dec 2016

Twenty three years after his untimely death aged just 52, we finally get a film that does justice to Frank Zappa, a massive talent known equally for his precisely scored, wilfully avant-garde compositions, his jazz-rock ensemble The Mothers Of Invention, and his total inability to suffer fools gladly or otherwise. The film follows Zappa from his clean-shaven, besuited youth, to fearless chief freak, to his relentlessly productive final days before his death, seating the audience right up front from the start.

Using a combination of rare interviews, news reports and some wonderful concert footage, director Thorsten Schütte has crafted a thoughtful and fitting evaluation of Zappa and his work.

EAT THAT QUESTION - Frank Zappa In His Own Words

Eat That Question: Frank Zappa In His Own Words, dir. Thorsten Schütte, France/Germany 2016, 93 mins.

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