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Robin Campillo, Eastern Boys, 2013

Eastern Boys

5 Dec 201420 Dec 2014

As well as being Laurent Cantet’s regular co-writer and editor, Robin Campillo is a formidable filmmaker in his own right, as his extraordinary debut Les Revenants (LFF 2005) testifies, which inspired TV’s The Returned.

Eastern Boys - Trailer - Peccadillo Pictures

His long-awaited follow-up is very different but just as singular and as unpredictable. Daniel (Olivier Rabourdin) is a middleaged gay man who makes an assignation with Marek (Kirill Emelyanov), a Ukrainian boy who is one of the many deracinated Eastern European youths hanging out at Paris’ Gare du Nord. When a visit from Marek doesn’t go as expected, the film looks set to develop into a tense home-invasion thriller.

Then Eastern Boys takes another tack entirely, offering at once a realist study of Paris’ new migrant populations and a surprisingly moving drama about solitude, desire, love and territory.

With striking widescreen photography, Eastern Boys is mesmerising, provocative and hugely distinctive. Jonathan Romney. LFF 2013

Eastern Boys, dir. Robin Campillo, France 2013, 128 mins.

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