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Rudolf Schwarzkogler, Untitled Action (1965)

A Dying Artist

22 Apr 201123 Apr 2011

A Dying Artist is an Easter weekend in four parts featuring performances, round table discussions, readings, music and screenings exploring materiality, corporeality, death and dying bodies in art. Highlights include Professor Steven Connor's lecture A Certain Convocation of Politic Worms, a performance of Sprey: A Narrow Vehicle by Trouble (off-shoot group of Brooklyn’s ZS), Matthew Barney's rarely seen first film Scab Action, spoken word from Heather Phillipson, David Toop’s The Act of Listening is an Act of Dying, experimental film from the Stan Brakhage archives plus live music from Raime, Old Appartus and Chora.

Good Friday’s happenings take a broad look at the prolix language and metaphors of illness. Easter Saturday is all about death itself, exploring our vacated bodies intimately and reflexively.

This event has been organised in collaboration between the ICA and artists Ed Atkins and Siôn Parkinson. Ed and Siôn also introduce a late-night screening of John Carpenter’s 1980 horror classic, The Fog on April 21st.

Download the A Dying Artist guide (PDF)

Line Up

Good Friday: Illness
22 April 2011

Afternoon (1pm - 5.30 pm)
Brian Dillon
Bonnie Camplin
Dominic Fox
David Toop
Matthew Barney
Dennis Potter

Evening (8pm - 12am)
Ed Atkins
Heather Phillipson
Stewart Home
John Cussans
Siôn Parkinson
Francesco Pedraglio 

Holy Saturday: Death
23 April 2011

Afternoon (1pm - 5.30 pm)
Steven Connor
Simon Martin & Ed Atkins
David Raymond Conroy
Laure Prouvost



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