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The Duke of Burgundy

27 Feb 201527 Mar 2015

★★★★★ The Times

★★★★★ The Telegraph

 ★★★★ The Guardian

 "Exquisite" The New York Times

"Visually, audibly, and sensually stimulating." Examiner

A dark, erotically charged drama about a relationship between two women, British director Peter Strickland’s highly assured third feature has all the mystery and borderline surrealism of his Kaitlin Varga and Berberian Sound Studio.  

Shot in a crumbling mansion in rural Hungary with an entirely female cast, this sumptuous period piece charts the increasingly intense sadomasochistic relationship between butterfly collector Cynthia (Knudsen, hitherto best known in the UK as the feisty prime minister in the Danish TV show Borgen) and her new housekeeper, Evelyn (D’Anna).

The insular world in which they exist provides the perfect hothouse atmosphere for the dreamlike narrative. Beautifully performed and lushly shot, The Duke of Burgundy is a bold, intoxicating exploration of power dynamics and intimacy.

The Duke of Burgundy, dir. Peter Strickland, UK 2014, 104 mins. 

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