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Down Terrace, Dir Ben Wheatley, 2009

Down Terrace

30 Jul 201015 Aug 2010

★★★★ "A very promising British first feature from Ben Wheatley." Telegraph

★★★★ “Fusing the wry realism of Ken Loach with the blackly comic bloodlust of Ken Russell to produce perhaps the best homegrown movie of the year so far." Time Out

★★★★ “More slippers than sharp suits, Down Terrace is a kitchen-sink crime flick that turns minimal resources into sturdy virtues. Rough but smart." Total Film

"Reboots the genre with a brilliantly bizarre blend of kitchen sink realism, broad swathes of black comedy and a body count befitting a slasher flick" Little White Lies 

After serving jail time for a mysterious crime, Bill and Karl get out of jail and become preoccupied with figuring out who turned them in to the police. On top of that, the 'family business' is on the rocks, and the motley crew of criminals who operate out of Down Terrace aren't feeling terribly trusting of one another. It might look like an ordinary house, but at Down Terrace, the walls are closing in...

Dir Ben Wheatley, US 2009, 89mins, recommended cert 18, digibeta


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