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Donor Unknown, Dir Jerry Rothwell, 2010

Donor Unknown

3 Jun 201116 Jun 2011

'(A) mind-blowing tale of a young woman who was conceived via an anonymous sperm donor...the human-interest story it tells is a joy' Independent

A fascinating documentary that begins when one young woman – JoEllen Marsh – goes in search of the sperm donor father who she knows only as Donor 150. Along the way she connects with a number of half-siblings who all have the same father, a situation which attracts first the New York Times and then Donor 150 himself. A story that, as it goes on and opens out, touches a wide cross-section of characters whose lives are about to change.

Dir Jerry Rothwell, UK 2010, 80 mins, digibeta


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E.g., 25-09-2018