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Still: Into Great Silence

Documentaries of the Year

9 Dec 20073 Jan 2008

Through December, we're having an indulgent look back at some of the ICA's crowdpleasers from the past 12 months. This is your final chance to see them before 2008's favourites arrive!

  • Still: The White Diamond

    The White Diamond

    9 Dec 200716 Dec 2007

    Floating high above a Guyanese rainforest, Herzog looks for rare animal and plant life, and finds fascinating characters full of strange stories.

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  • Still: The Wild Blue Yonder

    The Wild Blue Yonder

    9 Dec 200713 Dec 2007

    Herzog's far-out fantasy, with beautiful underwater photography and previously unseen Nasa footage, is lyrical, haunting and sometimes very funny.

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  • Still: Into Great Silence

    Into Great Silence

    21 Dec 200730 Dec 2007

    An extraordinary film. Director Philip Groening captures the silence (hear the snowflakes land!), the strangeness and the wonder in a French monastery.

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  • I for India

    I for India

    21 Dec 20073 Jan 2008

    Home movies and archival footage are assembled into an absorbing study of family, belonging, sacrifice and separation.

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  • Still: Iraq in Fragments

    Iraq in Fragments

    21 Dec 20072 Jan 2008

    Personal perspectives, collage-like form and bold use of visuals and sound make this a powerful view of the war in Iraq.

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  • Still: Scott Walker 30 Century Man

    Scott Walker 30 Century Man

    22 Dec 200730 Dec 2007

    One of the great music documentaries of recent years, with the elusive, reclusive man himself along with Jarvis Cocker, Lulu, Brian Eno and more.

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  • Photo: Albert Ayler

    My Name is Albert Ayler

    22 Dec 200729 Dec 2007

    A moving documentary portrait of the jazz legend: essential viewing for fans and newcomers alike.

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  • Still: The Bridge

    The Bridge

    22 Dec 200730 Dec 2007

    Unflinching, inevitably controversial, but deeply humane, this looks at the suicides at San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.

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