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Pine Ridge, dir. Anna Eborn, Denmark 2013

DocHouse: Pine Ridge + Q&A

31 Jul 2014

The film will be followed by a Q&A with director Anna Eborn via Skype.

It’s a long, hot summer in South Dakota's Pine Ridge Reservation, site of the infamous massacre at Wounded Knee and home to the Oglala Lakota people. Spectacularly shot against the dramatic badlands of the Midwest, director Anna Eborn’s focus on youth allows for a different story from Pine Ridge to be told. The film is built around a series of intimate portraits: 19-year-old Bert Lee seeks shade in Yo Park, Lance Red Cloud hangs out behind a gas station and Kassel Sky Little heads to a rodeo. This is the young heart of Native America – a generation ghettoised from society and severed from its roots.  

The intimacy and observational style of Pine Ridge leads to a deeply evocative and emotional film, where the future appears uncertain for a generation who seem to be forgetting their past.

Pine Ridge, dir. Anna Eborn, Denmark 2013, 76 mins

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