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Roger Ross Williams, God Loves Uganda, 2013

Dochouse: God Loves Uganda + Panel Q&A

1 Aug 2013

After decades of war, brutality and instability, and with 50% of its population under 15 years old, Uganda has become Ground Zero for American evangelicals. Western churches have identified it as fertile ground in which to plant the values of the Christian Right, in the hope of building up an entire country steeped in their beliefs.

Filmmaker Roger Ross Williams tracks a group of fervent, earnest, young missionaries from Middle America on their religious crusade to the ‘Pearl of Africa’, but these bright-eyed soul-savers are just the tip of the iceberg. Along with the message comes the doctrine, along with Western support comes political influence, and with his shocking and ambitious film Williams pulls no punches in revealing the impact of this dogma across Ugandan society.

With a bill in progress that makes homosexuality punishable by death, and an AIDS policy based on preaching abstinence, God Loves Uganda is as timely as it is provocative.

Panel Q&A
This screening of God Loves Uganda is followed by a panel Q&A with Jennifer Robinson (chair), a human rights lawyer and Director of Legal Advocacy at Bertha Philanthropies; David Cecil, producer of Ugandan play The River and the Mountain, for which he was briefly jailed in Uganda; Jonathan Cooper, human rights barrister at Doughty Street Chambers and head of the Human Dignity Trust; and Prossy Kakooza, LGBT asylum seekers and refugees human rights campaigner.

God Loves Uganda, dir. Roger Ross Williams, USA 2013, 83 mins

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