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Photo: DJ Spooky

DJ Spooky: Sound Unbound

22 Jul 2008

DJ Spooky, aka conceptual artist, writer and musician Paul D Miller with guests Scanner (aka Robin Rimbaud) and Andrew Missingham talk about Sound Unbound, Paul’s new book discussing the art of the remix. The book examines the ways in which music, art and literature cross-breed as Miller questions various artists and their compositional strategies. Expect personal and insightful reflections upon all things musical from this renowned figure alongside technological demonstrations with turntables, laptops and projections.

Sound Unbound  

Sound Unbound is an anthology of writings about contemporary art and digital media. Recently released the collection has quickly become one of publisher MIT Press's top sellers. It has essays and interviews with people as diverse as Brian Eno, Steve Reich, Chuck D, Pierre Boulez, Saul Williams, Jonathan Lethem, Bruce Sterling, Daphne Keller (the Senior Legal Counsel to Google), and even some occasional Nettime and Sarai Reader contributors like Naeem Mohaimen, or Erik Davis and Ken Jordan.

Robin Rimbaud, aka Scanner, is a conceptual artist/electronic musician/writer based in London whose work traverses the terrain between sound, space, image and form. He recently scored the hit musical comedy Kirikou & Karaba and premieres his six-hour show Of Air and Eye at the Royal Opera House London in late 2008. He has collaborated with Bryan Ferry, Radiohead, Laurie Anderson, The Royal Ballet, Steve McQueen amongst others and presented pieces throughout globe. Robin will demo laptop material alongside Spooky riffing on the themes from his own contribution to 'Sound Unbound'.

Andrew Missingham is an independent music consultant specialising in business design and strategy, with twenty years of experience in the industry. He has live event production experience across four continents with acts as diverse as Michael Nyman, Pulp, Gilles Peterson, Femi Kuti, Courtney Pine and Norman Jay . He is also a previous ICA Director of Performing Arts.


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