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Disgrace, dir Steve Jacobs, 2008


1 Dec 200914 Jan 2010

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A faithful and powerful adaptation of JM Coetzee’s 1999 Booker Award-winning novel, this is a disquieting study of desire and its consequences, and an unblinking portrait of post-apartheid South Africa.

John Malkovich plays David Lurie, a university professor whose life falls apart after he has an affair with one of his students. Forced to resign from Cape Town University he escapes to his daughter’s farm in the Eastern Cape, where their relationship is tested when they both become victims of a vicious attack.

Coetzee himself approves: “[director] Steve Jacobs has succeeded beautifully in integrating the story into the grand landscape of South Africa. The leading actors give strong and thoughtful performances."

dir Steve Jacobs, Australia/South Africa 2008, cert 15, 120 mins


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