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Still: Outcasts

In the Director's Chair

12 Jan 2009

How well does the UK film industry treat its artists? Where are the new voices and young auteurs following the footsteps of Roeg, Russell or Jarman, and are they nurtured and guided for future greatness, or does the industry only care about quick hits, and discarding those who don't deliver on an opening weekend? This discussion invites filmmakers to put across their views about the next generation and how they see their career path developing, alongside representatives from the UK Film Council.

Followed by a screening of longer format short films that don't fit the mould and examples of talent creating powerful and original cinema: September (Esther May Campbell), Madrugada (Michael Pearce) and Outcasts (Ian Clarke). The filmmakers will join the panel along with Rebecca Mark-Lawson from Lifesize Pictures / UK Film Council and Paul Green, Skillset Screen Academy Network Talent Scout.

In conjunction with the UK Film Council.


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E.g., 19-09-2018