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Die Puffbrause, Per Favor

1 Jun 2013

- Uuuhhh

- Eeeehh

- Uhhnnn

- Eee-uh

- MmUhhh

- EEeeeyuh

- Aaiyhh

- E-Yuuhhh

- A

- E

- H

- Y

- ?

A verbal rally set to sprung-floor-Techno. Two interlocutors swig Volvic between points. They wait out on cloth chairs the sixty seconds for play to resume, checking their watches. Omega. An Umpire up a ladder (up a ladder in stirrups) looks down in terror as a Feverish Spectator stumbles onto the AstroTurf and lurches towards the World #2 Tennis Star, puncturing her between the shoulder blades with a 9" poisoned barb growing out his heel. 'One Love!' he shouts. 'One Love!!' A surge of panic in the stands as people rush to the exits, whilst all the time high up in the bleachers, a pair of bear-breasted Angels with dead eyes and oiled wings sit back-to-back like Kappa twins coolly observing the pandemonium. And what do they see? They see a view of white zombie love and poetry filmed through one inch of Vaseline.

Die Puffbrause, Per Favor* is a live performance in response to Bernadette Corporation's 2007 screenplay Eine Pinot Grigio Bitte. Taking the never-to-be-filmed script as its jumping board, artists Lauren Godfrey and Siôn Parkinson perform sections of dialogue cut to music and animated gifs, warping BC's original tale into a narrative of sport history and the undead.

This event is curated and initiated by ICA Student Forum member Lauren Godfrey in collaboration with the artist Siôn Parkinson.

*Die Puffbrause is a German canned Prosecco drink whose name loosely translates as 'brothel lemonade'.


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