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Still: Bug Gobblers

Dialogue Through Film: Young Journalists' Films on Karabakh

27 Sep 2007

A screening and discussion, with six 15-minute films made by journalists from Azerbaijan and Nagorny Karabakh, a Caucasus territory which has been the focus of a dispute between Azerbaijan and Armenia for decades. The unique collaboration by young journalists from across the conflict divide has produced films reflecting the traumas, fears, hopes and humour of people affected by the dispute. The films have been made as part of cross-conflict initiative Dialogue Through Film, part of the work of Conciliation Resources, and the film-makers will be at the screening to discuss their work.

The films are:

Karabakh Fairy Tale: winner of several awards at the "Zolotaya Shkatulka" Russian language TV festival organized by the International Academy of TV in Moscow, a film about life in Karabakh through the eyes of a donkey.

Tough Nut: a mother and daughter reminisce on their husband and father's experience of survival as a POW and their post-war rehabilitation.

Swept Away by Life: the forgotten displaced people of the Lachin Corridor recount their experiences.

Bug-gobblers: neighbouring villagers in Azerbaijan explain their centuries old enmity for one another.

After Thirteen Years: a day in the life of a refugee teenager in Azerbaijan.

Revival: a blinded Azeri veteran reflects on post-war rehabilitation and is confronted with the issue of whether he will fight again.


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