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The Dead

2 Sep 20118 Sep 2011

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Africa. The dead are rising from their graves with a hunger for the flesh of the living. Shot on location in Burkino Faso this British made love letter to George Romero and Lucio Fulci provides an exciting new take on the zombie movie. With its unusual African setting and handsome 35mm photography it comes on like Lawrence of Arabia meets The Walking Dead by way of Walkabout offering something unique and unsettling. Two men trek across an apocalyptic African landscape, overwhelmingly populated by the undead in an attempt to track down a young boy lost in the chaos of social meltdown. Where it scores over the myriad low budget 28 Days Later knock-offs is in its investment in emotional weight with its three dimensional characters staring into an apocalyptic abyss. And although, firmly a zombie film, delivering the scares and gore the genre demands, it slips in a few smart digs against Western colonialism as its black and white, Ghanian and American leads forge an uneasy pragmatic alliance.

Director Q&A
On Friday 2 September there will be Q&A after both screenings with the directors Howard J & Jonathan Ford and the cast member Prince David Ose.

Dir. Howard J & Jonathan Ford, UK, 2010, 18 cert, 100mins

Cast: Rob Freeman, Prince David Osei, David Dontoh


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