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Anthony Baxter, A Dangerous Game, 2014

A Dangerous Game

13 Sep 201414 Sep 2014

'A fascinating and fairly damning indictment, not so much of golf, but of the arrogant culture of exclusivity that has overtaken it worldwide'. The Scotsman
★★★★ Guardian
★★★★ The Herald

A Dangerous Game is the jaw-dropping sequel to Anthony Baxter's multi-award winning documentary You've Been Trumped, which exposed American leisure-industry tycoon Donald Trump’s plans to build a golf resort on an ecologically endangered section of the Scottish coastline.

Struck by the chord his first film made, Baxter takes us on a journey to other global hot spots where rapacious developers – often in cahoots with local officials – are using golf as a smokescreen to build massive luxury resorts that end up costing the earth. At stake is our ability to protect what's left of our vanishing and fragile natural world.

A Dangerous Game, dir. Anthony Baxter, UK 2014, 102 mins

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